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I have always had an affinity for dogs and throughout my life have both experienced and witnessed their innate ability to unselfishly provide comfort and happiness to whomever they meet. One of the most profound experiences I have had was while working alongside “Create a Smile” with my rescue golden retriever, Charlie, during our visits to the women’s unit of a psychiatric hospital. There lived a unique demographic of ladies sent by the court for various reasons, seen by some to be unworthy broken souls. How moving it was to observe my trained therapy dog Charlie greet and accept them just the way they were. He brought smiles to their faces and offered them something warm and soft to pet and cuddle. Not that I was surprised, I always knew about his unprejudiced affection and the power of freely given unconditional love, not just to patients but also to their families and caregivers.


When my children were still at school, I started pet sitting just for friends and as I became busier and busier, I decided to turn my passion into a profession. My first step was becoming a member of Pet Sitters International, an organization that believes in “Pet Sitting Excellence Through Education”. Among the initial certifications I attained were Pet CPR & First Aid and Fear Free training. I am also a certified veterinary assistant and up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 procedures.


My full-time business has been built strictly on referrals and my goal is to create a warm, safe and playful experience for all my clients. My greatest joy is to see happy dogs having fun and passing that feeling on to others.


– Beverley Western

RU Barking Bio Beverley
RU Barking Bio Beverley
RU Barking Bio Beverley
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